About YYDevelopment

We at YYDevelopment specialize in providing website development and graphic design solutions. Our main goal is to allow small business owners to afford our professional services even without huge budgets.

Our passion is to the internet world and therefore out main knowledge and expertise belongs to that world. We are offering wide range of solutions to our client’s needs. We are offering website developments services, logo design, landing page development, banners design, social media designs, digital products design, print works and much more.

The services mentioned above are only small fraction from the services we can offer your business. We are also offering advance print work design services such as: business card design, flyers design, posters design, newspaper ads, letterheads, envelope design etc…

Yochay Yirmyahu

Some Info About Me

My Name is Yochay Yirmyahu,
I am 30 years old from Israel and the owner of YYDevelopment. I have B.A. in logistics and economics, practical engineer in industry and management with specialization in marketing and over a decade of experience as graphic designer and website developer.

As Graphic Designer I’ve gained a lot of experience working with Photoshop and Illustrator. I can create animated banners using Flash & Adobe Animate and I can also do print projects using InDesign.

As Website Developer I mostly develop websites and landing pages using WordPress. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience working with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and more… I also have experience working with websites databases (phpMyAdmin and MySQL).

To view more info about me check out my LinkedIn Profile.

The benefits of working with us:

Low prices

Fair Price for Small Business

You don’t have to go into debts in order to build website for your business. Our prices are suitable to small business budgets.

Full refund policy

Full Refund Guarantee

We believe in our abilities and therefore if you won’t be happy with the work we deliver to you then you will be entitled to full refund.

Wordpress website development

Working with WordPress

WordPress nowadays is the best CMS.  We have a lot of experience working with WordPress and deliver beautiful results to our customers.

No Commitments or monthly fees

No Commitments

We do not believe in commitments or monthly payments. When the work is done you will have no obligations to us unless you choose it.

Professional Services

Professionalism and experience

Our workers have vast experience in all website development and graphic design work areas.

Fast turnaround for our services

Fast Turnaround

The experience and knowledge we acquired over the years allow us to deliver professional work under short amount of time.

YYDevelopment Customer SupportCommitment and support to our customers

We think that the best way to develop a long term relationship with our clients is by offering the best services we can and by being committed to our clients. We will be happy to be at your service and we will do our best to fulfill all your business needs at the best possible way. In order to make your life easier we have many different ways for you to contact us. You can contact us via our contact us form, you can email us directly and we are also available by phone, Skype and live chat.

We believe in being committed to our client and therefore we will always do everything we can to make you happy with our services. We are always here to answer your questions, to offer advice and to support previous work we did.