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Choosing The Right Banners Type For Google

Posted on: 20 July 2019תמונת פרופיל YYDevelopmentPosted By: YYDevelopment

One of the most important decisions that you will have to make alongside with your banner designer is what banner type/format will be the best for your google ads banners campaign.

There are different banners types and it is important to decide what kind of banners you want before starting the banners design process. In this article, we’ll explain what kind of banners types/formats are out there, what are the differences between them and which format will be the best for your campaign.

Banners Types & Formats For Google Ads


Static Banners

The first type of banners is a static banner. A static banner is a banner that can be saved in GIF, PNG or JPEG formats and it is basically a picture that does not contain animation. Below you can view static banners examples.

Static Banner Example 2 Static Banner Example

GIF Animated Banners

The second type of banners is animated banners in GIF format. This format allows us to create banners with simple animations such as flashing buttons, text changes and so on…

It’s also possible to create more complex animations in GIF format, but the longer the animation the bigger the file size will be and long animations will most likely cause the file size to be bigger than 150k which is the google ads and other advertising platforms size limit. So for that reason we don’t create complex animation with GIF.

Below you can view animated GIF banners examples:

Animated Gif Banner ExampleAnimated Gif Banner Example 2

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Flash Animated Banners

In the past with adobe flash we were able to create banners and websites with animation. Creating flash banners allowed us to create long and complex animations with amazing effects.

Nowadays flash is not supported well on mobile phones and it not supported well on browsers as well as it require to install flash software just to view it. Google Ads stopped supporting flash banners and for reason we don’t use them anymore. Below you can view some flash banners examples:

Animated Banners in HTML5 Format

When google decided to stop supporting flash banners the alternative they offered instead was to create animated banners in HTML5 format.

We can create animated HTML5 banners with almost all the possibilities we had on flash banners. If you are looking for advanced animation for your banners HTML5 will be the right banner format for you.

Below you can view some HTML5 banners examples.

How to choose the best banner type/format?

As in many areas of life, there is no right or wrong answer here. Different campaign & business fields might produce different results. Some campaigns might get better results with animated banners and some might get better results with static banners. If this is your first google ads campaign we will recommend to start with static banners design and as you learn and grow try and test out the animated banners as well.

You can use animated HTML5 banners if you want to impress your clients, but as you probably already knew HTML5 banners in most cases cost a lot more than static banners.

After you are able to decide what banner format you want the next decision will be how to choose the banners sizes.


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