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How to Choose Google Ads Banner Sizes

Posted on: 1 July 2019תמונת פרופיל YYDevelopmentPosted By: YYDevelopment

When you create Google Ads campaign using media marketing or by creating remarketing campaign (showing the banners only to people who visited your site) one of the most important decisions you have to make is what banners sizes to choose.

On each new banners design project/campaign you will have to choose banners types and the banners sizes. In this tutorial we will present for you all the banner sizes and we will give you some tips on how to choose the correct banner sizes for your campaign.

Google Ads Banners Sizes Tutorial


Why do I need more than one banner size?

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is an advertising platform that allows us to use paid ads in different websites on the web. The website owners that allow others to use their sites as advertising platform define the banner sizes people will be able to use depending on the empty spaces on their website.

Given the fact that publishers have the option to choose the banner sizes they are willing allow on their website, there is a situation where there are many websites we can display our banners at but some websites support different banners sizes.

Generally if you have a one banner design concept in different sizes, potentially your ad will appear on more website across the web, which means you will get more views and more clicks. Usually when we create banners google campaign we design one banner and resize it to different sizes (like you can see below).

Banner Example At Different Sizes

Banner Example At Different Sizes

You can also view our banners examples page to view more banner sizes and more banner examples.

Choosing banner sizes strategy

When you choose to advertise your business with Google Ads there are several different strategies for choosing the correct banner sizes. The size selection is usually done by the target audience and the platform on which you want your potential clients to view the ads.

  • Display only on desktop – In this strategy you can choose banner sizes that will only show up on the desktop. The main target audience for desktop advertising is mostly big companies with workers that do their searches from the desktop and not from the mobile.
  • Display only on mobile – With this strategy, you can only choose banner sizes that only supported on mobile phones. For example, if you are trying to promote mobile app then you will probably want to promote it only via mobile and not by showing it on the desktop.
  • Advertise on both desktop & mobile – The most common advertising strategy is to display your ads both on mobile and desktop. With this strategy you will get to more viewers and you will get more visits to your site or landing page.

Advertise Banners On Mobile And Desktop

How to choose the banners amount?

Choosing the right amount of banners for Google campaign is another question many find difficult to answer. As said potentially  the more sizes you have, the more exposure you will get, so if you design the banners yourself or if you have a graphic designer in the company you may want to design your ad in all sizes.

If you use a designer’s service then you should start with 5-10 banners and if the campaign is successful, you can resize the ad to the other popular sizes. Usually the relative price for bulk banners order is lower when it done at once so depending on the designer it might be more affordable to do them all at once.

On the other side you might want to test the banner first and make sure it produces the results you want before you creating it on different sizes. Some banners simply don’t work and you have to change them or create new ones in order to improve the CTR (click-through rate).

[output-blog-contact-form title=”Looking for professional banners design to promote your business with google ads?” full_text=”We will be happy to help and create amazing banners for you at any size or format. Leave your details below and one of our representatives we will contact you shortly.” reason=”Banners Design”]

How to choose your banner sizes?

Once you have decided on the banners amount, the next step you will be to choose the banners sizes. There are standard banner sizes that are recommended on some website but in some cases they articles are not updated and it won’t be a smart idea to count on them too much.

On Google AdSense site you can view the guide to ad sizes article and you can find there some of the recommended sizes by google.

You can also go into our banner design page and view there some of our recommend banner sizes as well.

And another way to find the banner sizes is to simply go into the websites you want to display you Ads at and see what banner sizes they are using. Simply select the most common banner sizes you see in most websites and that will be the most effective way to choose the current popular banners sizes.

Standard google banners/ads sizes table

So after we covered the most important questions, what left now is to show you all the banner sizes you will be able to use on Google Ads. In the table below you can view the banner sizes, you can see they are supported on mobile or desktop and you can also see the actual size of the banners on the example image.

The sizes below are suitable for all types of banners such as static banners, simple animated banners or animated HTML5 banners.

Rectangle Banner Sizes

Size (Height x Width)Banner NameDesktop SupportedMobile Supported

Skyscraper Banner Sizes

Size (Height x Width)Banner NameDesktop SupportedMobile Supported

Skyscraper Banner Sizes - 300x1050, 300x600, 160x600

Leaderboard Banner Sizes

Size (Height x Width)Banner NameDesktop SupportedMobile Supported

Leaderboard Banner Sizes - 970x250, 970x90, 728x90, 468x60, 236x60

Mobile Banner Sizes

Size (Height x Width)Banner NameDesktop SupportedMobile Supported

Mobile Banner Sizes - 320x100, 320x50

Choosing banner sizes conclusions

So as you probably understand by now that the first step for choosing the correct banner sizes is to define your target audience and to decide whether you want to advertise your ads on desktop, mobile or both.

The second step will be to choose 5-10 banner sizes that will fit the best in your campaign and to start promote your business online. If you still having troubles choosing the banners sizes try and review the article again or leave a comment below with your concerns and we will be happy to help.

If want to advertise your business online and you still don’t know what is a landing page it will probably be a good idea explore the subject and to develop landing page for your campaign (it helps improve conversions).

Are you looking for professional banners design?

If you are looking for banners we will be happy to help and create amazing banners that will make your campaign more successful and help you make more money.

We have a lot of experience creating banners of all types and all sizes. We can create static banners and animated html5 banners and you are more than welcome to view our banner examples and see what we can do.


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